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Rooms for Hire


We offer a wide range of space for hire at reasonable rates

For booking Information please contact; tony.mead@rocketmail.com

Community Groups

We offer discounts for regular bookings.

Community Use

Children’s parties are welcome. Good spacious kitchen facilities are also available.

Business Use

If you are looking for reasonably priced venues for meetings, training, team building, we offer a number of rooms of various sizes that could just fit the bill. We have a number of rooms available to hire at very competitive rates.

There are two main entrances with the front entrance onto Garden Road and the rear on Marion Street.
The building is divided into the main hall known as the Mashinter Hall; The Jubilee Room; The Lecture Room; Room 1/1A this can be divided by a sliding door screen.
The main hall referred to as the Mashinter Hall has a total area of 255.75 square metres, it has a stage, stereo sound system and gallery. The dance area is a sprung wooden floor. It has a capacity of 380 people with room for another 90 people in the gallery.
The sound system is contained in the stage wing to the RH side in four cupboards.  The system includes mixing desk, amplifier, and buffer controller. There are hand held and lapel microphones stored in the cupboard. There are four wall speakers providing stereo sound to the hall. On stage is a plug box and microphone point both with direct injection into the mixer.
The Jubilee Room is the next largest with an area of 121.58 sq. metres. There is a parquet wooden floor and it has a capacity of 100 people.
The Lecture Room has an area of 86.25 metres. It also has a 100 person capacity. There are 13 fitted cupboards which are available as storage for regular users. The floor is carpeted and furnished with folding tables and chairs. It also has a sound system.
Room 1/1A is 75 sq. metre which splits to a 40sq metre and 35 sq. metres. Both sections can accommodate 40 people. The floor is carpeted and furnished with folding tables and chairs.
The Marion Street entrance opens into a lobby which gives access to the kitchen and Mashinter Hall; also a toilet for the disabled. The dressing rooms are accessed from here down a short flight of steps which also has a stair lift for the disabled.
There is also a small room which provides seating for the kitchen. A platform wheelchair lift and steps lead up to room 1/1A, Jubilee room and the Lecture room.
There are several smaller rooms used as offices and communal storerooms.
There are fire doors fitted from the hall at the front and rear and from the top corridor into Marion Street. There are exterior locks fitted front and back entrance and the corridor fire exit.

the building is protected by CCTV.



  1. Julie Hey says:

    Just looking at the facilities offered at your community centre. we are looking for a wedding venue and wondered if this sort of event would be possible. We would of course need a bar and wondered if this would be a problem?

  2. tracy smith says:

    Hi, Do you have any rooms available on the 15th March 1-3pm for a 5th birthday party roughly for 20 kids?

  3. Kimberley Hurd says:

    Hi, I am looking for a room to hire on either the 15th of 16th November to host a party with a bouncy castle. Do you have the facilities for this and the availability? If so could I have the prices please.

  4. Samanthahussain says:

    Hi do you have a room available on the 8th November 11.30-14.30 for a birthday party many thanks

  5. emma says:

    Wanting information on the hall for the Saturday 7th Feb 2015 for my son’s 4th birthday party thank you

  6. Faye says:

    Hi, I have emailed that address above and haven’t had a reply. I was just wondering how much it is to rent a room for a 5th birthday party & if a bouncy castle would fit & also about kitchen facilities

  7. Claire mcavan says:

    Hi, I sent a few emails re room hire but wasn’t sure if this would be seen sooner, so thought I would post here too for good measure. Apologies for being so persistent but need to book a room.

  8. Jodie says:

    Hi could you send me room prices for a 2nd birthday party and would I be able to put soft play and a bouncy castle in there?

  9. Cassandra says:


    Do you have any rooms available for an event on Sunday 29th October (preferably the main room) and what are the prices??

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