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Centre Manager.
Bookings and room hire.
Waring Green Community Centre, Garden Road, Brighouse HD6 2AX


Chairman Tony                                                       01484 716635

secretary Veronica                                                   01484  716307

Treasurer  Geoffrey                                                  01484 712947

Buildings David                                                           01422 207201

Technical support Tavis                                          07787 530076



  1. Waring Green says:

    Thank you for your enquiery, I suggest you contact the separate sections as I don’t know their criteria for age etc.
    If you look on the whats on when page you will see there what is available.
    Tony Mead [chairman]

  2. victoria fletcher says:

    Hi Rebecca we did have a group that was called moo music but sadly she has stopped has numbers for the class weren’t great if she was to start back up i will be sure to let you know.
    kindest regards
    victoria fletcher (caretaker)

  3. Waring Green says:

    Thank you for your comment.
    I share your concerns, the roads at that point are very dangerous especially when the children are leaving and entering school.
    I will make our users aware of the problem.

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